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Family Law

Divorce and/or child custody determinations can have a major emotional and financial impact on multiple lives. There are a multitude of factors that come into play in these matters, and I strive to listen, be understanding, comforting, compassionate and good counsel. You need an attorney who cares about not simply the facts of your case, but your emotional well being as well. I try to take your case personally and be readily available almost anytime, because issues surrounding family law don’t just happen when the courthouse is open and judges are on the bench. Having studied grief counseling extensively, I do my best to counsel not only as to legalities, but personally as to getting through a tremendously difficult process.



Estate planning, personal injury, civil litigation

There are a multitude of different type of estate plans available. Mr. McVay has extensive experience in helping choose what plan is best suited towards you, your family and your assets.


Personal injury and civil litigation are also areas of practice with the firm. Mr. McVay has successfully defended several businesses in lawsuits since he began practicing in 2005. He has trial experience in both practice areas and his compassion and attention to detail have made him a successful litigator.



Small business, contracts, llc's, landlord law

Mr. McVay also can help you decide what business entity is best suited for a new start-up. There are many factors to consider when deciding during this initial process. Not having a business entity filed with the correct agencies can have severely adverse complications should certain issues arise.


The firm also serves as general counsel for several local businesses in regards to collections, general advice concerning day-to-day activities and the like.


Landlord/tenant law is another area of practice that, if not done correctly, can have adverse consequences to either the landlord or tenant. Let our firm assist you with the seemingly simple, yet complicated process.



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